Master Firearms Instructor - PAL / RPAL
Prince George, BC
CFSC (PAL) and CRFSC (RPAL) Courses - Master Firearms Instructor - Prince George, BC - Roy Lemcke

Canadian Firearms Safety Training

Aim for Safety!



PAL: Saturday, November 21, 2020

RPAL: Saturday, November 28, 2020


There is one textbook for both courses. It includes:

  • "Canadian Firearms Safety Course" textbook, for the non-restricted portion of the course, and
  • "Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course" textbook, for the restricted portion of the course.

You can purchase the textbooks at the Save-on-Foods.

Canadian Firearms Law requires that in order to purchase or possess firearms or ammunition a person MUST have a Possession and Acquisition Firearms Licence (PAL) and MUST be a minimum age of 18 years old.

To obtain a licence for non-restricted firearms (rifles and shotguns) applicants must pass the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (PAL). Persons who wish to possess restricted firearms (handguns and rifles) must complete the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (R-PAL). Owning a firearm in Canada is a "privilege" and "not a right". In Canada NO ONE is exempt of having a firearms licence except law enforcement or military.        

      PAL / RPAL FIREARMS courses have NOTHING to do with HUNTING.  CORE courses and hunting are a PROVINCIAL ISSUE.

    CORE challanges exams,  only for those who have completed this PAL courses first,  call and make arrangements for TESTING of written   exam which is required only for BC Hunting Licence.   Call Sheldon Clare  250 613 5972 ....... CORE Instructor


Non Restricted or Restricted Firearms Training - PRINCE GEORGE  BC

Course Registration Fees   

$150.00  PAL  Non-Restricted Firearms Course - 8 hours plus written/practical exams
$125.00  RPAL  Restricted Firearms, add-on to the Non-Restricted Firearms Course - 6 hours plus written/practical exams
Minimum passing grade is 80%
Cancellation fees: to receive a 100% refund, you must inform instructor within 48 hours prior to course date.
You can register and pay using PayPal link on the "Register for Courses" tab or to pay in person call 250-613-5972.

Questions and Answers

What age must a person be to acquire a PAL or R-PAL?

Minimum 18 years old.

How long will my PAL / R-PAL last?

PAL's are usually set to expire on your closest birthday 5 years from issued date. You should receive a renewal notice from the Canada Firearms Centre about 3 months prior to the expiry date.

What is the fee to apply for a PAL / R-PAL?

When you have passed the firearms exams you may apply to the Canadian Firearms Program for your PAL / R-PAL. The application fee for PAL is $61.32 ; the application fee for R-PAL is $81.76 . If you apply for the R-PAL at the same time that you apply for the PAL, the combined application fee is $81.76 .

How long does it take for the Canada Firearms Centre and the Chief Firearms Officer to process a PAL / RPAL?

After a criminal background check, a minimum of 28 days or more depending if there are any issues. Any questions on criminal record background issues call Canada Firearms Center  1 800 731 4000 OR  Chief Firearms Office - Surrey BC  1 800 731 4000  ext. 9530

How do I legally transport restricted firearms?

After you receive your RPAL, you apply for an Authorization to Transport (ATT) permit. The ATT will allow you to transport a restricted firearm from a specific residence address to an approved range and back to the same residence address. You must be a current member of any approved gun club in British Columbia or Yukon. ATT's are granted for 5 years.

What is an Authorization to Carry (ATC)?

An ATC is a permit granted to individuals that due to the circumstances of their occupations need a restricted firearm or a prohibited handgun to protect their own life or that of others. The "Authorization to Carry Restricted Firearms and Certain Handguns" Regulations specify which are lawful professions or occupations. Some of those occupations include individuals engaged working in remote wilderness areas or transporting/protecting cash.

To apply for an ATC you need to present the Chief Firearms Officer (CFO): 

  • RPAL
  • Authorization to Transport (ATT)
  • Gun Club membership
  • Proof of practical proficiency in live fire handgun test.